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The Lancaster County Broadband Authority (LCBA), in conjunction with Internet service provider, Broadband Telecom Services (BTS), has deployed a Citizen Band Radio System (CBRS) high speed broadband network via the telecommunications tower behind the Lancaster County Courthouse.

This is the first phase of a County-wide broadband build-out to provide unserved and underserved members of the community with high speed broadband services. Last year's CARES Act funding made possible the recent network deployment and will permit BTS to provide the first 300 qualified subscribers within 5 miles of the courthouse with installation and in-home equipment necessary to receive access to the network. Unserved and underserved subscribers, or those who currently do not have access to 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds through other internet service providers (ISP) within the 5-mile radius of the courthouse, will be eligible to sign up for BTS broadband services. The BTS units required to receive service will be distributed to the first 300 customers on a first come first served basis. Unserved/underserved homes in excess of the initial 300 will have the ability to sign up for retail services in the near future. Subscriber eligibility will be verified by BTS against the list of unserved homes maintained by the County. 

LCBA is working with BTS to ensure its fulfillment of its contract with the County to deliver a fixed-wireless, broadband internet access service solution to a designated area in the County.  BTS presented on the status of its deployment at the LCBA public meeting on May 19th.  Services are anticipated to be available in July 2021.

Anyone interested in subscribing can click on the All Points Broadband logo below.