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Upcoming Broadband Expansions

LCBA Wins VATI Grant

The Lancaster County Broadband Authority (LCBA) is pleased to announce that it has received a Virginia Telecommunications Initiative (VATI) grant.  The VATI program pairs local government and private sector interests to build out broadband infrastructure in areas where high costs of construction and low population density make line expansion economically impractical.  Lancaster applied for this grant in August of 2020 and joined with Middlesex, Mathews and Caroline Counties to make a more competitive regional grant application.  The total grant amount is $4,201,234.  Atlantic Broadband is LCBA's private sector partner that will do the construction and ultimately provide service in the four counties.


The VATI grant in Lancaster will fund laying cable/fiber to serve areas of the southeastern portion of the County. Construction schedules and other details of the VATI projects in all four Counties are being developed. LCBA will keep the public informed as work progresses for Lancaster County.  Meanwhile, both the LCBA and Atlantic Broadband will be reaching out to prospective subscribers along the proposed new cable/fiber routes.  Watch your mailbox for more information.  In addition, LCBA encourages public attendance at its bi-weekly meetings.  Click on the PDF and scroll through to view Lancaster County areas covered by the VATI Grant: 

Lancaster County Planned Smart Pole Locations for WiFi

Smart Poles final map for 2001.jpg
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