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Providers and Project Information

The LCBA’s goal is to bring affordable and reliable internet service to the entire county by working hand-in-hand with our grant partners.  The completion dates will depend on the project management plans our partners will establish and which LCBA will closely monitor.


Deployment & Provider Maps

Below are two map resources to explore broadband access throughout Lancaster County. 

The FCC map reports broadband availability at locations across the country. The status of broadband availability at your location is critical to making sure gaps in coverage are addressed. See Accurate Maps on the right side of this page.

Use this map to explore broadband coverage across Virginia, filtering by minimum percentage services, speed of service, broadband technology, etc. 

Accurate Maps = Improved Access
Check your service map

If service availability is incorrect at your home or business, submit a challenge using the steps in this video, or by following the steps outlined below:

Challenge Steps


Help Secure Broadband Funding for Your Location!

  1. Search for your address at

  2. Is the location information wrong? If so, click "Location Challenge" on the righthand side just above where the venders are shown

  3.  Are the internet services listed not available? If so, select Availability Challenge on the lefthand side (Please note: Cogeco = Breezeline)

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